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Endeavor Snowboard Design started out as a dream – one that they all had when they first started snowboarding. In 2001 when they had the chance to make some boards, they had to do it and the company was started. They had no idea what we were doing except we knew what we loved.

Since then, they’ve been designing and prototyping (in the Archetype Snowboard Lab) the best snowboards in Vancouver, B.C. Their experience speaks for itself – veteran pro rider Rob Dow, Transworld Staff photographer Scott Serfas, and veteran pro rider Max Jenke all worked directly with the product on this website to make each and every one the ultimate snowboard strapped to your legs. Between their crew, they have over 75 years in the snowboard industry and it shows – Endeavor boards have won board tests, graced the covers of the top magazines, and boast a warranty return rate of less than 1%.

They are snowboarders making snowboards for snowboarders and they Always Endeavor to be better.

Canadian, pure and simple. Crafted for the experience. Always Endeavor.